Planting Lega-seeds for Change
About Us

What is The Global Oneg?

Our mission is to create an inclusive culture through the delight of understanding.

The Global Oneg facilitates and creates:

  • Safe spaces for discussions and activities in the community
  • Educational workshops
  • Leadership training
  • Support groups targeting community needs

Our goals:

  • Foster diversity, acceptance, and inclusion
  • Reestablish a network of proactive leaders
  • Empower today’s youth with tools of compassion for others
  • Encourage an inclusive society through positive collaboration.

We are committed to showing that differences are what makes us all very special.

What Exactly Does The Global Oneg Offer? Why is It So Important?

The Pathway to Change

     We’re all struggling with how to make the world we live in a better place. The first steps begin with empathy: the ability to  understand and share the feelings of another. Rabbi Robert Levine’s book, “There is No Messiah – and You’re It,” articulates the idea you and I are “God’s partner on earth.”  He says,

    “Moses was chosen, anointed by God, for a mission. So are we. We are created with the ability to respond to God’s messianic call. If ever we sense an irresistible impulse burning within us to do something we didn’t know we wanted  to do or are capable of doing, that very well may be God’s call to us…”

    We “pray as if everything depends on God. Act as if everything depends on [us].” We are peace and hope.

     Hope begins with being thankful for all that we have. More importantly, we are commanded to treat one another fairly with love and compassion: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” We are all created in B’tzelem Elohiem – in God’s image. As explained in Torah commentary, “Our standards for how we must treat others must be based not on social – utilitarian concerns, the desire for an orderly society, but on the recognition of the image of God in every person and the presence of God in every relationship” (Etz Hayim, pg. 456).

     With the  help from The Global Oneg we can begin to see God within ourselves. Here is where we begin to feel special, connected, and holy. Because of this community we see the divinity within ourselves and are open to seeing it within others.


Co-Founder, Social Engagement Facilitator

Meet Tracey Nicole

My great-grandfather was a farmer in Petersburg, Virginia. My grandmother told me there wasn’t a seed her father put in the ground that he didn’t pray over after planting. The works we do to service the community are not just a legacy for our children, but a Lega-seed we plant for future generations. We act as if everything depends on us. And we pray as if everything depends on God.

How Does The Global Oneg Support the Community?

What does Oneg mean?

Oneg (ōˌneg) is a Hebrew word that means delight. Our goal is to bring delight through understanding and compassion.

Do You offer workshops?

We offer a number of customiziable workshops that can also be brought to your location.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

We offer a variety of team support programs that are tailored to your organizations specific needs. 

HOw Do I become more involved?

Send us an email at to request information about activities in your area.

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