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Soul Food Oneg

Private Facebook group that allows the exchange of thoughts, ideas and discussions about living a Jewish life as a person of color in a supportive environment.

Discussion Group - Teen

A supportive space for teens (9th – 12th grade) to have discussions about current events and exchange thoughts and ideas on how they can positively impact change in their communities.

Planting Lega-Seeds


Legacies are not built for our children. They are a seed planted that grows and is fruitful for generation to generation. Learn how the Lega-seeds we plant for change now grow into the realization of a better tomorrow. 

Supportive Spaces

We struggle day to day with any multitude of challenges from acceptance and self love to feeling a sense of belonging within our community. There are people and resources available and ready for confidential support. 

Discussion Group - Adult

A supportive space for adults (18 years+) to discuss how current events are affecting their lives and the lives of their neighbors. This group allows for the exchange of thoughts and ideas on how to positively impact their communities.

Leadership Training

8 Part Workshop

We Also Give Hands-On Workshops & Talks

We are committed to teaching and supporting the community as a whole. Workshops and seminars brought to schools, businesses, and religious organizations can be tailored to impact the audience on a more personal level. Ask us how by scheduling a discovery chat. 

Get in Touch

Want to know more about The Global Oneg and our programs? Have questions about scheduling an in-house workshop? Would you like to know how to partner with us and further change in your community or workplace? Send us a message.